Petar Grujic

Petar Grujic

Member of The Broad


Mr. Petar Grujic has been with the PSP-Farman Holding SA since 2017. He acts as CEO of “Agro Development “which is developing Residential Tower and Shopping mall as the II Phase of successful multi-use complex in Belgrade, Serbia. Mr. Grujic is also member of the board of PSP-Farman Holding SA. Mr. Grujic prior role within company was related to the real estate portfolio and its effective management.

Mr. Grujic has earned his bachelor degree at “Hult International Business School” in London, United Kingdom

PSP-Farman Holding is multinational and multifunctional real estate investment holding with 20 years of experience and with more than 200 objects completed. Including banks, office spaces, public and residential buildings, commercial, industrial and sports centres, with a total of more than 1.5 million square meters. PSP-Farman Holding is a Swiss based company with offices in Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade, Brussels, Geneva, Trieste and London and we focus on the real estate market in Russia, Ukraine, SEE and United Kingdom.